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Industry information services focusing on issues in the field of defense and the arms industry, shooting and the broadly understood active lifestyle.


We publish two magazines in electronic format:MILMAG Defense & Space andMILMAG Shooting, Outdoor, Lifestyle.


In 2020, our website was visited by over 630 thousand. users, opening nearly two million sessions and making nearly 4 million pageviews.

We help you in reaching customers

We will conduct a situational analysis of the product
We will prepare advertising materials
We will perform market analyzes
We will select the tools and prepare an advertising campaign tailored exactly to your needs

Our team has many years of experience in the press and internet advertising market.
We prepare both market and product analyzes, as well as the entire process of preparing and executing an advertising campaign, including the creative process.

Thanks to our information services and newsletter, we are able to reach these groups of customers with an advertising message:

  • Policy makers and industry representatives;
  • Military, officers of uniformed and emergency services;
  • Riflemen and holders of firearms, including black powder, and archers;
  • People with an active lifestyle, interested in the subject of travel, outdoor and bushcraft;

This allows us to precisely target not only traffic, but also advertising directly to people interested in a given topic.

We invite you to contact us and advertise on our websites and in our periodicals.